Redeveloping Woolwich Baptist Church

Come to a public exhibition to find out about the plans

Introducing the proposals

Woolwich Baptist Church and Lovell Partnership Limited are proposing to redevelop the site of Woolwich Central Baptist Church on Simmons Road. The intention is to comprehensively redevelop site to deliver 99 new affordable homes, provide a new Church building and create a better sense of connection between Woolwich town centre and the One Woolwich development.

The Church and Lovell have been working on the development proposals for many months and the team has sought the input of the Council, the Greater London Authority and Design Council (CABE) on the initial designs.   

A public exhibition on the proposals was held on Monday 19th June in the Woolwich Baptist Church.  The exhibition material on display at the exhibition is available on this website.

An innovative new development

The development will provide 99 new affordable properties:

  • PA Housing will provide 29 affordable homes in the scheme;
  • The Hyelm Group, a London-based charity focussed on providing low-cost housing for young people, will provide 68 properties at a sub-market rent. 
  • Two homes will also be managed by the Baptist Church as key worker accommodation.  

The new Church building will include worship space, community facilities and ancillary offices and meeting rooms.

Improved public spaces

Creating attractive, safe and welcoming public spaces is a key objective of the new development. The design seeks to achieve this by:

  • Creating a better sense of connection with the town centre;
  • Opening up the site with wide pavements and green spaces;
  • Providing a café and exhibition space at ground level (at the junction of Sandy Hill Road and Woolwich New Road);
  • Creating a more distinctive church building with a large foyer area to act as a ‘community hub’;
  • Incorporating active frontages to create a sense of safety and community;
  • New additional affordable housing.

Together, the design will create a mixed-use development with a distinctive sense of place.

We welcome your feedback

Please get in touch with the development team if you would like to know more on the proposals:.

  • Emailing
  • Calling James Anderson on 020 7851 5738
  • Writing to: Woolwich Baptist Church exhibition, c/o Turley, The Charlotte Building, 17 Gresse Street, London, W1T 1QL



Location plan

Location plan

Computer generated image of the new homes and church building

Computer generated image of the
new homes and church building

Image of the proposed café, new church building and public areas

Image of the proposed café,
new church building and public areas